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Advanced Fit Technology to Determine Fit, Style & Intent

We've developed enhanced learning algorithms to create an authentic, online shopping experience that's personalized towards individual users. Our fit recommendation software is convenient and easy to use. It works by collecting body measurements from actual images of the users' body, then recommending the right size to the user.

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FIT Recommendation

Our body imaging software is convenient and easy to use. It works by composing body measurements from actual images of the users' body + collecting their style preference.

According to User’s Style

The collected data is then analyzed to determine accurate fit recommendations and curated pieces to match the user's preference and online shopping behavior.

Understanding User’s Intent

BodyQ's data analytics dashboard allows brands to get authentic and immediate insights into their brands' e-commerce performance.

Secure & Reliable

BodyQ holds your company and consumers’ privacy to the highest standard. All data is stored on a secured DDoS protected sever.


Reach more customers with real-time, machine learning analytics. Gain insights into how discoverable your products are.

Structured Data

Gain actionable insights based on inventory, customers' reaction and more. As well as easily filter through data with keywords to find the exact data that you need, when you need it.

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